Certificate In Theological Studies

Students who successfully acquire 120 credits will be awarded a Certificate in Theological Studies. (One credit is equivalent to approximately ten hours of study). In order to earn 120 credits the student will need to do the following:

Successfully complete 26 modules (104 credits). 15 of the modules are prescribed and 11 electives can be chosen by the student from the rest of the curriculum. The prescribed modules are:

      • Modules 1-2     Orientation
      • Modules 10-15 Romans
      • Modules 16-18 Hermeneutics
      • Modules 30-33 Pastoral Studies

Practical Ministry (16 credits). Students are required to serve in their local church. The area of service is based on the student’s skills and gifts and the needs of the local church. The area of service and tasks are set by the student’s local pastor or spiritual supervisor. The supervisor is required to submit progress reports on the student every three months using the prescribed report. Pastors doing the course are exempt from this section and will be granted the 16 credits if he remains in good standing with his denomination or district

  • Note: Minor aspects of the curriculum are in the process of being revised in order to satisfy new requirements by the Higher Education Examination Council (HEXCO). We will adjust this page as soon as the changes have been approved. We are always working towards improving our curriculum and the modules